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Blancco Virtual has been released!
Posted by Antti Päivinen on 31.08.2015 15:31


  • The main goal with this release is to add better usability and integration possibilities.
  • Blancco Virtual's shredding capability is now well-known and well proven, but how come I need to know where the data is stored? I only want to erase the virtual machine called My Windows Machine. This is now fixed! As long as you know the name, Blancco Virtual will find all files related to this virtual machine, even if they are located in different storage systems.

Main features:

  • vCenter Server Integration: Blancco Virtual already has integration for VMware vCloud Director, the management system for public cloud providers. Now we are releasing a new integration option for VMware vCenter Server. vCenter Server is used by everyone, for small to large data centers and is the most common management tool the LEE team has encountered in the field. We are therefore very excited about this new integration option. Blancco Virtual Integration for vCenter Server extends the functionality of vCenter Server with the option to right click a virtual machine and select to securely erase it will Blancco. It cannot get much easier than that! As usual, Blancco Virtual offers a complete audit trail with reporting through Blancco Management Console and Blancco Cloud.
  • Erasing of virtual machines based on name or id: Blancco Virtual On Demand and REST API have now the capability to find all files related to a virtual machine and erase them securely. You no longer need to know where the files are stored. Blancco Virtual will find them even if the configuration files and the virtual disk files are not stored in the same place. Blancco Virtual can identify the virtual machine based on its name or even its unique id. This makes it even easier to integrate Blancco Virtual regardless of what management system is used.
  • ESXi 6 support: Blancco Virtual now supports the latest version of VMware ESXi, version 6. The support now spans from ESXi 4.x to 6.x.
  • Blancco Cloud support: Blancco Virtual now supports the latest Blancco Cloud, as well and the normal Blancco Management Console.

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Blancco 5 Mobile 1.3.4 has been released!
Posted by Antti Päivinen on 25.08.2015 14:37

Release notes for Blancco 5 Mobile 1.3.4


  • Fix: Erasure fails for some Android devices (for example Nvidia Shield and Nexus 5) because of time-out.
  • Fix: Sometimes iOS device goes to "Requires attention" or "Checking license" state for no reason.
  • Fix: Erased iOS device is shown as connected after reconnecting the cable. It should be shown as erased after reconnecting.

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Blancco 5.7.2 has been released!
Posted by Antti Päivinen on 20.08.2015 11:13

Release notes for Blancco 5.7.2


  • A fix for a screen flickering issue that hindered the usage of the software.
  • A fix for detecting the network card on Dell PowerEdge R720 machines.
  • A fix for Blancco 5.7.0 occasionally crashing in a situation where both the following conditions are true:
    • Blancco 5 Server image is configured to preserve logical RAID volumes
    • The HBA of the system has configured logical RAID volumes
  • A fix for removing false "Not supported" messages when trying to erase logical volumes:
    • "Not supported" message was sometimes displayed when a user was trying to start the erasure for logical volumes. This could happen even though an erasure standard would be supported by the drives and the disk controller. For example: HMG Higher is "not supported".

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Blancco 5 Mobile 1.3.3 has been released!
Posted by Antti Päivinen on 17.08.2015 13:15

Release notes for Blancco 5 Mobile 1.3.3


  • Fixes for iOS erasure stability
  • Fixes for network settings: For example in some cases the proxy settings were lost after restarting Blancco 5 Mobile

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Blancco 5.7.1 has been released!
Posted by Harri Hirvonen on 17.07.2015 13:35

Release notes for Blancco 5.7.1

New authentication dialog

  • User will get a proper notification pop-up if user name or password is missing or incorrect

New network settings dialog

  • User will get a proper notification pop-up if network settings are missing or incorrect

Updated NIST erasure for SSDs & HDDs:

  • "NIST 800-88 Clear", (fully compliant on all drives)
  • "NIST 800-88 Purge (Crypto Erase)", (fully compliant on drives supporting the Sanitize Crypto Erase)
  • "NIST 800-88 Purge - ATA HDD (Secure Erase)" (fully compliant on ATA drives not supporting the Sanitize commands but supporting the Secure Erase commands)

Enhanced "Report per HDD" feature

  • User is able to use multi-selection when updating, saving and sending reports

Note! Update Blancco 5 image configuration tool to version 1.5.1. The latest Blancco image configuration tool can be downloaded from here.

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