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26 Scheduled maintenance break on the 27th of June
Posted by Harri Hirvonen on 26.06.2015 16:07

There will be a scheduled maintenance break in Blancco cloud services on 27th June 2015, between 6:30am and 10:00am (GMT+3).

The cloud reporting and erasure services are unavailable during the maintenance.



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Blancco Management Console 3.3.5 has been released!
Posted by Harri Hirvonen on 22.06.2015 16:25

Release notes for Blancco Management Console 3.3.5


  • Support for Blancco 5 Mobile Diagnostics Features
  • Improved password security requirements
  • Ability to hide version number from the header


  • Export all to CSV produces empty zip file
  • User cannot be edited without changing password

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Blancco 5 Mobile 1.3.0 has been released!
Posted by Harri Hirvonen on 22.06.2015 16:02

Release notes for Blancco 5 Mobile 1.3.0


New Mobile Diagnostics Features:

  • Tests: There are 21 tests for iOS and 24 tests for Android. Some of the tests are
    automatic, but some tests require interaction from the user (for example to press
    some button or confirm the test result).
  • Process: The user can choose from 3 process options: erasure only, diagnostics only,
    or diagnostics + erasure combined.
  • Reports: There are 3 types of reports depending on what process has been run: data
    erasure report (includes erasure results, HW report (includes diagnostics results),
    data erasure report (includes erasure results and diagnostics results).
  • Licensing: Please note that diagnostics requires a separate license. If the customer
    has only erasure licenses, they will not be able to run diagnostics.
  • MC support: If the customer is using diagnostics with Blancco Management
    Console, then Blancco Management Console 3.3.5 is required. Diagnostics support
    for will come with the next cloud update.


  • View report: It is possible to view reports in the erasure workstation.
  • Save as PDF: It is possible to save reports in PDF format in USB stick that is
    connected to the erasure workstation. Earlier it was only possible to save in XML

Device blacklisting

  • Blancco can blacklist some models if they cannot be erased successfully with
    Blancco 5 Mobile. The blacklist is fetched from Blancco server once a day.
  • There is a warning icon for the blacklisted models and the device info also shows if
    the device is in the blacklist.

Bug fixes

Several iOS erasure enhancements, for example:

  • Fix for: Automatically unlocked devices get stuck in recovery mode
  • Fix for: Pop-Up ‘Query identifier at connect’ appears several times
  • Fix for: Erasure sometimes does not start after firmware has been downloaded
  • Fix for: Erasure sometimes fails when erasing with high volume

Known issues


  • If there are no licenses for diagnostics, but the user anyway tries to start the
    diagnostics process, the error message “Not enough licenses to begin erasure” refers
    to erasure although it should be diagnostics.
  • With some test combinations on iOS (for example 'Battery Charging', 'Temperature'
    or 'USB'), the tests do not proceed to assisted tests. There is a pop-up in the mobile
    application: "Test Wizard. There are no tests configured for wizard". It is possible to
    recover from this by pressing the red STOP button in the mobile application. After
    that it the tests can be finished by going to the 'Test Report' view.
  • Sometimes the diagnostics application starts in 'SmartChk login' view. It is not
    possible to proceed to tests from there. This happens on Android when the
    diagnostics application is started from the device menu although the application is
    already running. This happens on iOS for example when there is error message 'This
    accessory may not be supported' due to a faulty cable. It is possible to recover from
    this situation by disconnecting the device and connecting it again.


  • Network settings fields aren't always populated in installer's network test view, but
    the installation can however proceed from there. This doesn't happen with DHCP.
    o Wifi should only be used for demo/temporary purposes due to the limited support
    for different Wifi adapters. Wired connection is recommended for production usage.


  • iOS devices must be activated before running diagnostics. If the device is not activated,
    erasure can be started, but diagnostics cannot be started.

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Blancco Technical Support site ( will be down on the 8th of June between 6 AM - 8 AM (GMT+2) due to maintenance tasks.

Submitting technical support tickets during this time period will not be possible.

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Blancco has been released!
Posted by Antti Päivinen on 26.05.2015 11:22

Release notes for Blancco

  • New erasure standard has been added: CESG erasure standard "CESG CPA - Higher Level"
  • Fixed: HP Smart Array P800 RAID controller issue with erasure verification.

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