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Blancco 5 Mobile version 2.6 has been released!
Posted by Sami Purho on 01.12.2016 08:39

Blancco 5 Mobile version 2.6 - Release notes


  • The individual diagnostics test results can now be used in label printing.
  • Cancel button added in BlackBerry erasure. The process can be canceled when the device is in “Requires attention” state.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed asset report auto-sending to happen according to the setting “Autosend reports to Management Console when cable is disconnected”.
  • Fixed Statistics showing wrong results for diagnostics in some cases.
  • Fixed “Allow manual verification of factory reset” behaving incorrectly when set to 'never'.
  • Fixed B5M crashing sometimes when changing “Show all USB devices”.
  • Fixed iOS erasure (recovery mode) failing in firmware download.
  • Fixed Sharp 501SH erasure failing.
  • Fixed BlackBerry erasure failing because IT policy exists on the device. IT policy is now always removed during the erasure.
  • Fixed B5M crashing when Windows Phone re-connected just before it performs factory reset.
  • Fixed printing problems label printing in custom page size with custom layout not working correctly. Problems occurred with Brother QL-7xx printer.