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Blancco 5 Configuration Tool 1.9.0 - Release notes


  • Configure monitoring Blancco 5 erasures from Management Console.
  • Configure displaying drive partitions for erasure.
  • Configurable failure threshold on remapped sectors erasure.
  • Configurable hardware tests.
  • Configure locked custom fields. It is possible to prevent the user from modifying a custom field which has a preconfigured value.
  • Screensaver lock configurability.
  • Job Specification (2-way communication), new erasure control option. See Blancco 5.11 release notes for more information.


  • Updated installation process.
  • Update the EULA embedded in Blancco 5 Configuration Tool to the latest version (2016 v2.2).
  • Support for Italian, Russian and Traditional Chinese languages.
  • Rename the field "Report auto send/save" to "Automatic report backup".

Bug Fixes

  • Boot options of images older than 5.10.x cannot be changed in B5CT 1.8.0.
    Multiple localization issues fixed.
    Maximum custom field name is longer than Management Console database allows.
    Blancco 5 Configuration Tool crashes in Debian 8.4.

Note! New features require Blancco 5 version 5.11.0 or newer.