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In order to boot Blancco Driver Eraser (USB, CD, Network booting), the boot device containing the boot media needs to be set as the primary boot device.

To change the boot sequence, you must enter the "Setup" or "CMOS Setup" on your computer and change the booting sequence to use the USB drive/CD drive/Network adapter first. There are several ways to enter the setup depending on your computer manufacturer and model. During the booting stage a message will appear stating "Press DEL to enter Setup". As the message flashes only once on the screen, you must be quick to press the key before the boot sequence continues. Please note that the boot sequence may continue without any user intervention.

The [Delete] Key and [F2] are the two most common keys

We have collected some of the key combinations in order to get into the BIOS. On most systems you need to press these keys repeatedly during the POST (Power On Self-Test) as soon as the computer has been turned on. If the Windows Logo appears, you are too late, restart the computer and try again.

Computer Model BIOS Key examples:

Acer®: F1, F2, CTRL+ALT+ESC


Compaq® 8700: F10


Cybermax®: ESC

Dell®: 400 F3, F1

Dell Dimension®: F2 or DEL

Dell Inspiron®: F2

Dell Latitude: Fn+F1 (while booted)

Dell Latitude: F2 (on boot)

Dell Optiplex: DEL

Dell Optiplex: F2

Dell Precision™: F2

eMachine™: DEL

Gateway®: 2000 1440 F1

Gateway 2000 Solo™: F2

HP®(Hewlett-Packard): F1, F2

IBM®: F1

IBM E-pro Laptop: F2


IBM Thinkpad® (newer): Windows: Start | Programs | Thinkpad CFG.

Intel® Tangent: DEL

Micron™: F1, F2, or DEL

Packard Bell®: F1, F2, DEL

Sony® VAIO: F2, F2

Tiger: DEL

Toshiba® 335 CDS: ESC

Toshiba Protege: ESC

Toshiba Satellite 205 CDS: F1

Toshiba Tecra: F1 or ESC