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File Eraser - All versionsN/A


This page will provide step by step instructions on how to activate the File Eraser software with the Management Portal during the installation process.

Valid communication settings are required for activating the software and will be needed for report sending as well. 

Step by step instructions

This chapter contains instructions how to activate the File Eraser software with Blancco Management Portal details to allow for usage of the software. 

Following installation of the software activating a subscription is required.

  1. After installing the File Eraser software, the below window should appear asking to activate the product, if not it may require opening from your desktop/start bar
  2. Press "Next" to show the below page
  3. Please enter your endpoint details into the "Management Console Address:" field. Erasure client endpoint is region specific, to find out your endpoint follow the steps provided here: How to confirm your Blancco Management Portal erasure client endpoint details?
  4. Enter in the username and password for the Management Portal 
  5. Press "Next" and the software should activate

If the steps above fail contact Blancco Technical Support team by creating a support ticket.