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Mobile Diagnostics and ErasureN/A


When processing Apple mobile devices with iOS, you may encounter a problem to get started due the different operating state of the device. Depending on the state of the device, you may or may not be able to start with the process without any additional steps.

This article explains the different operating states and how they should be handled.

Understanding the statuses helps to build an efficient workflow and makes processing as easy as possibly for the operator. As an example, a process could be started by setting each iOS device into a same state (ie, the Hello-screen) to ensure all devices are prepared for processing and the exact same steps are applicable for all devices.

Device statuses explained

Device modeDescriptionExample pictures
Hello-screenDevice is automatically trusted and you may start processing the device without additional steps.


Lock screen without PasscodeUser manually opens the screen lock and "Trusts" the connection or alternatively follows the same process as with the passcode locked devices (set into recovery/DFU mode).

Screen locked

Screen unlocked

Trust pop-up

Lock screen with Passcode

Device must be set into Recovery Mode (keep the cable connected all the time).

Press the appropriate button combination until you see the device rebooting and the Apple logo appears.

See next steps under the "Recovery/DFU - mode".

Screen locked

Screen locked and passcode required

Recovery/DFU - mode

You can automatically start the processing - Restore process is performed first to get device into Hello-screen

Recovery/DFU - mode