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Generate your custom Blancco Autopilot USB stick

  1. If not already installed on your Windows machine - Download & Install Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (Windows ADK) and WinPE add-on based on your Windows OS version.

    1. For Windows 11 host machine:
      1. ADK for Windows 11, version 22H2
      2. Windows PE add-on for the ADK for Windows 11, version 22H2
    2. For Windows 10 host machine:
      1. Download the Windows ADK 10.1.26100.1 (May 2024)
      2. Download the Windows PE add-on for the Windows ADK 10.1.26100.1 (May 2024)
  2. Download Blancco WinBuilder from your Management Portal: Management Portal (
  3. Follow the instructions from the manual Chapter 6 to create your Blancco Autopilot bootable USB stick: 

    Blancco Autopilot Detection

Create your Workflow on Management Portal

  1. Create your Workflow with 'Autopilot Check' on BMP under Management > Workflows > 'Create workflow': Management Portal (
  2. Select product 'Drive Eraser' and at least version 7.11.0 or newer
  3. More information about the 'Autopilot Check' -node can be found in the user manual at chapter 5.2 Blancco Autopilot Detection

An example/demo Workflow can be found here. To import this navigate to Management > Workflows > 'Import workflow'.

Configure Blancco Drive Eraser

  1. From your BMP account - Download latest version of Drive Eraser Configuration Tool (DECT) and Blancco Drive Eraser

    v7.11+ (BDE): Management Portal (
  2. Install & open DECT
  3. Import a BDE .iso v7.11+ into DECT and modify as follows
  4. [Process] tab > Process = Workflow

  5. [Workflow] tab > in load workflow by name, write down your workflow name or  "DEMO - AUTOPILOT" (without the quotes) if using the example provided previously and save new .iso
  6. Burn your .iso on a different USB stick as Blancco Autopilot using Blancco USB Creator available here: Management Portal (
    1. Refer to USB Creator Quick Start Guide for more instructions.

Solution usage

  1. Boot up your Blancco Autopilot USB Stick and wait for detection to happen

  2. Boot up your newly created BDE .iso USB stick and let the workflow collect and display Autopilot status on the GUI and report