1. When I start the BDEICT service a Java related error message is shown: "Blancco Drive Eraser Configuration Tool must be started with administrator rights. To give admin rights to current user press yes to continue... 'java' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program batch file. Press any key to continue . . ."

  • First check that Java JRE has been installed correctly. Go to: Start Menu -> Run -> cmd -> java –version. If an error message is displayed, Java has not been installed or is not running correctly.
    • Go to: Control Panel -> Programs -> Check if Java is shown on the installed programs list.
    • If there are multiple Java JRE installations on the computer, consider uninstalling the older version. Multiple Java JRE installation may cause conflicts.
  • 64-bit Windows requires 64-bit Java JRE!
    • If you are using 64 bit operating system make sure that 64 bit version Java JRE is installed. In many cases Internet browsers operate in 32 bit mode and automatic Java download might pick 32 bit version instead of 64 bit version. 32 bit version can be used, but it requires adding Java JRE paths to system environment variables.
  • Add JRE path to the system environment variables. When installing and un-installing Java, make sure that the system is rebooted
    • Read "Configuring JAVA options" chapter from the user manual  for more details.

2. The BDEICT service seems to start normally and I am running it with administrator rights, but when I open the browser window (http://localhost:9000/) I am getting "Web page not found/Unable to connect" error message.

  • If the Java settings are in order, make sure that the BDEICT service is still running. Go to: Start Menu -> Run -> services. From the Services (Local) list, locate Blancco 5 Configuration Tool service and make sure that "Status" is "Started".
  • If the BDEICT service is running correctly, start your web browser and clear its cache:
    • Press the buttons Ctrl+Shift+Del. Depending on your browser, a "Clear/delete browsing data/history" window will appear. Make sure that the "Cache"/"Temporary files" is selected and press the "Clear"/"Delete" button.
    • Restart the BDEICT service from Services and also restart the web browser.
  • If the BDEICT web page still does not load, do the following:
    • Stop the BDEICT service.
    • Go to: Start Menu -> Run a search for: RUNNING_PID
    • If RUNNING_PID file is found, first make a backup of it and then delete the original file.
    • Start the BDEICT service.
  • If none of the tips above helped, uninstall the BDEICT software, delete the installation folder manually and reboot the system. After this, re-install the software and make sure that you are using the latest version.