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Eraser for Apple DevicesN/A


If you are having a problem with Blancco Erasure for Apple Devices and the Blancco Knowledge Base or the User Manual do not seem to help, it is time to contact Blancco's Technical Support team. When contacting Technical Support, it is important to include the Blancco Erasure for Apple Devices issue report in the contact ticket. It is recommended that the issue report file should be zipped before adding it as an attachment.

Step by step instructions

To collect an issue report:

  1. If possible, restart the BEAD machine and log in.
  2. Connect the problematic device to the machine.
  3. Attempt to replicate the issue, eg. start erasure process, start diagnostics process, etc..
  4. Connect a USB memory stick to the computer if you want to save the issue report on it (otherwise the issue report will get saved in 'Documents').
  5. Click the "Report Issue" button on the top right corner.
  6. Select the location where the issue report should be saved (either external USB drive or 'Documents' -folder)
  7. In the next step, you can define the following
    1. Issue type = Diagnostics, Erasure, Process, Other (note! if 'Other' is selected, then problem description should be filled with more detail on what the issue concerns).
    2. Occurs with = Enter the device that the issue happens to.
    3. Also occurs with = Define whether this happens to any other devices.
    4. Device state when the issue is noticed = At what state is the device when issue is discovered.
  8. Enter a description of the problem for any additional information that might be useful in troubleshooting.
  9. Click "Save" to save the report on the media of your choosing.

This issue report .xml -file can then be shared with Blancco's Technical Support for further troubleshooting along with a short description in the support ticket, such as:

  • What is the exact problem?
  • Was there some specific error message?
  • What steps were taken before the problem occurred?
  • Expected result and actual result.