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Management Console - all versions


The most common HASP dongle and erasure software license related problems with Blancco Management Console are:

  1. MC is started, but licenses are not detected ("HASP is not reachable. Please connect HASP USB dongle to the server.")
    •  Connect the HASP dongle to the computer and restart BMC service. It is recommended that the HASP key is connected always at the moment when the BMC service is started. If restarting the service does not help, the user could also test connecting the HASP key to another USB port and restarting the service again.
    • For HASP USB dongle related issues, please refer to this Knowledge article: Troubleshooting HASP USB dongle related issues
  2. MC has been working normally, but after activating a HASP license code file the new licenses are not shown on the HASP key.
    • Always make sure that you are following the HASP license code activation instructions! See the HASP license code delivery email and make sure that you have gone through all the steps.
    • Sometimes restarting the MC service can fix the issue:
      • Stop the Blancco Management Console service: "Start menu" –> "All Programs" –> "Blancco" –> "Blancco Management Console" –> "Stop Blancco Management Console"
      • Start the Blancco Management Console service: "Start menu" –> "All Programs" –> "Blancco" –> "Blancco Management Console" –> "Start Blancco Management Console"
  3. License and user related settings are not in order: Blancco Erasure Software informs that no licenses are available to use the product.  
    • Check that the HASP key contains licenses and that the licenses are still valid: Make sure that the erasure user has access to the licenses and that the available licenses match the erasure software image used.
      • Blancco Management Console -> Users & Licensing -> Licenses ->.
    • If a custom-created role is used, make sure that the role has "License-consume", "export" and "view" rights available.
    • Depending on the license "distribution" settings ("Shared licenses" or "Individual licenses"), the erasure software licenses might need need to be distributed for the MC users and subusers.

If none of the HASP and license related issues listed above do not resolve your issue, please contact Blancco's Technical Support team. You can submit your issue ticket here.