Blancco Management Console Self-Diagnostics Tool is a troubleshooting tool, which can be used to collect various log files and system information from the Management Console server. This will help in cases where the user needs to provide specific log files or other information for Blancco Technical Support. Instead of manually looking for correct information and files, the user can just run this tool and collect the zip-file containing all the necessary diagnostics information and logs.

  1. Download Blancco Management Console Self-Diagnostics Tool.
  2. Unzip the package and run the .JAR file.
  3. Select the Management Console installation directory by clicking "Browse". If the .JAR file is located inside the Management Console installation folder, the correct installation path will be automatically detected.
  4. After selecting the correct folder, click the "Collect Data" button. A diagnostics report will be displayed after the necessary logs are collected.
  5. Click the "Save" button to save the zip-file that contains the log files.
  6. Provide the saved zip-file to Blancco Support.

Note! If Blancco Management Console version is older than 3.3.x, log files needs to be collected manually from the installation folder of the Management Console.