Most of the Management Console service problems are often related to Java related issues.

  1. Windows server: When starting the BMC service, a Java related error message is shown.
    • Usually the error message is referring to something Java related ("Java missing").  Double-check that Java JRE has been installed correctly. Go to: Start Menu -> Run -> cmd -> java –version. If an error message is displayed, Java has not been installed or is not running correctly.
      • Go to: Control Panel -> Programs -> Check if Java is shown on the installed programs list.
      • If there are multiple Java JRE installations on the computer, consider uninstalling the older version. Multiple Java JRE installation may cause conflicts.
    • 64-bit Windows requires 64-bit Java JRE!
      • If you are using 64 bit operating system make sure that 64 bit version Java JRE is installed. In many cases Internet browsers operate in 32 bit mode and automatic Java download might pick 32 bit version instead of 64 bit version.
    • Add JRE path to the system environment variables
    • When installing and un-installing Java, make sure that the system is rebooted.
  2. Windows server: Blancco management console login page is not displayed. Only a browser error message is shown.
    •  Make sure that the BMC service is started and it is running correctly. Run "Start Blancco Management Console" with local administrator level rights. After this, check that the service has been started correctly: Start Menu -> Programs -> Administrative Tools -> Services -> Blancco Management Console –> Started.