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Blancco Virtual Machine EraserN/A


This page will provide step by step instructions on how to update communication settings for Blancco Virtual Machine Eraser.

Valid communication settings are required for report sending and may be required for license consumption as well.

Step by step instructions

Connect to the ESXi hypervisor with the existing installation of Blancco Virtual Machine Eraser. Within these instructions SSH was used to connect to the hypervisor.

  1. Locate the Virtual Machine Eraser installation directory and navigate into it. In this example Virtual Machine Eraser tarball was extracted to /BlanccoVMEraser/.

    cd /BlanccoVMEraser/
  2. Using available text editor edit the config.txt configuration file.

    vi ./config.txt
  3. Update "MCServerAddress" with your Management Portal erasure client endpoint followed by colon and the port. Note that the "https://" prefix is required.

    Erasure client endpoint is region specific, to find out your endpoint follow the steps provided here: How to confirm your Blancco Management Portal erasure client endpoint details?

  4. Update "MCUserName" with your Blancco Management Portal username and "MCPassword" with your Blancco Management Portal password.

    Remove comment character # in front of the row in order to use the details on it.

  5. Save the changes and exit.