Booting Blancco Drive Eraser fails on multiple different HP ZBook model devices (with NVIDIA GPUs).

This issue has been identified at least for the following machines:

  • HP ZBook Studio G3
  • HP ZBook 17 G3
  • HP ZBook Studio G5


In order to successfully boot Drive Eraser on these machines, the booting parameters need to be manually adjusted by following below steps.

Changing the startup options manually at boot time

  1. Boot the machine, select the booting option (e.g. "FLR during startup"), press "e" to edit the option.
  2. With arrow keys, move the cursor down to the line starting with: "linux /arch/boot/x86_64/vmlinuz img_dev=..."
  3. Move the cursor after “flr” and include the required booting parameter(s):


    Booting parameters should be separated by a space, for example: “flr nouveau.modeset=0

  4. Press Ctrl + "X" or F10 to continue booting

If the issue still occurs with the "nouveau.modeset=0" booting parameter, additional booting parameters should be tested. Replace the "nouveau.modeset=0" parameter with the one of the additional parameters mentioned below: