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8 Bay Drive Eraser
24 Bay Eraser
Array Server Eraser


In some cases Blancco Hardware Appliances such as 8 Bay Driver Eraser, 24 Bay Eraser or Array Server Eraser the system may not start, especially after unexpected power failure. Basic troubleshooting steps such as the ones listed below do not resolve the issue:

  • Replace the power cord and try a different monitor
  • Try different power outlet
  • Chassis opened to visually inspect the PSU and power delivery within the unit


It is possible that CMOS reset is required in order to allow the unit boot again, especially when this issue is seen after a power surge or unexpected power failure.

If CMOS reset doesn't resolve the issue it is possible that the PSU is damaged and may need to be replaced.


  1. Power down the system.
  2. Turn off and disconnect all peripheral devices connected to the Hardware Appliance
  3. Unplug the units’s power cord from the AC power source (wall outlet or power adapter)
  4. Remove the cover of the chassis to access the motherboard
  5. Locate and remove the onboard battery (highlighted screenshot below) from the motherboard 

  6. Short the CMOS jumper/pads (highlighted on the above screenshot) with a metal object such as a small screwdriver for at least four seconds

  7. Remove the screwdriver (or shorting device) and replace the CMOS battery
  8. Replace chassis cover, reconnect the power cord(s), and power on the system.