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Mobile Diagnostics and Erasure - All versionsN/A


Mobile Diagnostics and Erasure software allows users to create an ISO file from running BMDE system and carrying over all the settings from the installation. 

This allows creating backup ISO images which includes all the settings and allows recovering a system quickly in case of a system or hardware failure.

Additionally, this eases the process of deploying the software to new stations as all the required settings are preconfigured.

Step by step instructions

Follow below steps to create a preconfigure ISO image from existing BMDE installation.

  1. Connect formatted USB stick to the BMDE station
  2. Navigate to the BMDE login screen and open "System Settings"

  3. Go to "Preconfiguration" tab and select "Replicate running system to ISO" or "Create Client ISO" accordingly
    1. Select "Replicate running system to ISO" to create a full backup copy of the existing installation including all settings.
    2. Select "Create Client ISO" to create to copy of the existing installation which act as a Synchronization Client. Note that this requires using the "Synchronization Service" feature and the station from where the ISO is being created from needs to be used as the synchronization server.
  4. Wait for the process to finish, once the ISO is copied successfully below dialog is displayed

After creating the ISO file Blancco USB Creator can be used to create a bootable USB media containing the pre-configured BMDE installer.