This article is the third part of "Erasing storage systems" article series. Remember to read the first and the second article before this one.

  1. Check to see if the disks are shown in the HBA BIOS or setup utility. If the disks are not shown, Blancco Drive Eraser will not be able detect or erase them.
    • Typically you should see a text such as: "Press the X key to get into the HBA BIOS utility menu.". For some Emulex HBA's those keys are [<Alt> and E] or [<Ctrl> and E]
    • Check the Internet for the method for accessing the BIOS for your particular HBA.
  2. Check that you are using the correct and most up-to-date Blancco Drive Eraser image.
    • Fiber Channel and SAS HBAs are supported by Blancco Drive Eraser Server.
  3. If the HBA doesn't list any drives, make sure that:
    • The Fiber channel link is set to the same speed on both ends.
    • The system is properly un-initialized.
    • The daisy chained disk enclosures are set in the correct order. For example with EMC arrays the enclosures must be color/number coded so that the first enclosure is number 0, next 1, then 2, etc.
    • Try reducing the number of disk arrays connected at one time.
    • Try connecting just one disk enclosure at a time if possible.
    • If the BIOS is not detecting the disks, follow the manufacturer's procedure for your particular HBA to update the BIOS to the latest revision.
      • Note: this can be done ahead of the scheduled erasure if the HBA is being added to the server for the erasure.
    • Drive Eraser 6.x.x and 5.x.x may have been unable to dismantle an array and does not see any drives. When each drive was in its own RAID0 Drive Eraser will most likely detect the drives and they will also be able to be erased but will not see the drive serials (this issue persists with many RAID controllers).  Drive Eraser 6.x.x will be able to see the serial numbers after dismantling array.
    • For further info, Drive Eraser 5.x.x is identical in this regard except it does not see the drives unless each disk on its own RAID0, but even after dismantling the raid manually it cannot see the serial numbers. 

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