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Blancco Drive Eraser can be booted and used without a display adapter, but it must be remotely controlled via an on-premise Blancco Management Console.

The following requirements must be met:

  1. The process has to be set as "Manual".
  2. The Blancco Drive Eraser image has to be remotely controlled via the Blancco Management Console and the correct communication settings have to be in place.
    • This can be configured via the DECT by setting the option Process control to 'Blancco Management Console remote' under the Process -tab and having the correct settings pointing to your on-premise Management Console under the Communication -tab.

    • If the communication settings are not correct, Blancco Drive Eraser will run, but it will not be able to receive any orders from the BMC.
    • BMC can start the erasure remotely, monitor it and fetch the erasure report in the end.
    • Any other configuration will result in a non-functional Blancco Drive Eraser image.