Blancco Drive Eraser can be booted and used without a display adapter, but it must be remotely controlled via Blancco Management Console 4.

The following requirements must be met:

  1. The process has to be set as "Manual".
  2. The Blancco Drive Eraser image has to be remotely controlled via the Blancco Management Console 4 and the correct communication settings have to be in place.
    • This can be configured via the DECT (erasure control = "Blancco Management Console remote", communication settings filled in).
    • If the communication settings are not correct, Blancco Drive Eraser will run, but it will not be able to receive any orders from the BMC 4.
    • BMC 4 can start the erasure remotely, monitor it and fetch the erasure report in the end.
    • Any other configuration will result in a non-functional Blancco Drive Eraser image.

In case the booting is done via USB-stick, the following line has to be removed from the menu.lst file on the bootable USB sticks root. Otherwise USB booting will not work: