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Mobile Diagnostics and Erasure - all versionsN/A


This article goes through some of the common failures messages seen when processing Apple iOS devices with Blancco Mobile Diagnostics and Erasure software and explains some of the more likely causes for the failures.

Erasure stateFailure messageDescriptionPossible causes/solutions
Not Erased

In some cases the erasure will fail but there is no additional failure message available.

  • Unstable network connectivity (to Apple servers)/overloaded network.
    • Verify that there is enough bandwidth available on the network and the internet connection is working properly.
  • USB resource/connectivity issues during the erasure.
    • Make sure USB hubs are not being overpopulated and there are enough resources available to process the connected devices.
  • iOS device stuck on a state where it cannot be processed properly.
    • In case the device is stuck at a rebooting screen (black screen with Apple logo and loading bar) reboot the device manually.
Not ErasedCannot connect to deviceSoftware cannot properly connect to the processed device. This can be a temporary device specific issue and may not occur when attempting to run the erasure again.
  • Device is configured to disable connections from USB
  • USB hub running out of power
  • Bad/poor quality USB cables
  • Broken or damaged USB port on the device/PC
  • BMDE running out of resources
Not ErasedDevice absent too longSoftware lost the connection to the device and was not able to reconnect.
  • Device removed from the PC
  • Device failed to process erase operation correctly
Not ErasedDevice reconnects in recovery mode after iOS eraseIn some cases the device may reconnect in recovery mode after seemingly successful iOS erase (restore).

The device might be deemed for recycling by Apple. The device serial should be checked from the Apple page If the check states that the device is replaced then the device is effectively unusable.

Not Erased

Failed to download firmware

Network connectivity issues during the firmware download. Possibly firewall blocking the connection to the Apple servers or no internet connection available.Double check the network connectivity and make sure there is no firewall blocking connectivity to any of the required services. These are listed in more detail in the user manual.
Not ErasedFailed to download firmware (Disk is full)Disk space is running out on the machine running BMDE and there is not enough free space to download the required iOS firmware files.Perform a clean-up (Settings → iOS-tab) which will delete obsolete iOS firmware files or manage iOS firmware files manually (System Settings → Storage Cleanup) and delete the ones you are not going to need anymore.
Not ErasediOS version information is outdatedVersion.xml containing the iOS firmware version information is outdated and needs to be updated in order to download the latest firmware for the device.Version.xml can be manually updated from Settings → iOS-tab → "Update now" (at the bottom of the tab)