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Management Portal
Blancco Cloud


The tables below will explain the major differences between the feature sets available between Blancco Management Portal and Blancco Cloud.

(warning)Partially supported/Limited support
(error)Not supported/Not available

Product Support

Product nameBlancco Management Console - On-premiseBlancco CloudBlancco Management Portal
Blancco Drive Eraser / Blancco Drive Verifier(tick)(tick)(tick)
Blancco Mobile Diagnostics & Erasure(tick)(tick)(tick)
Blancco Eraser for Apple Devices(tick)(tick)(tick)
Blancco File Eraser(tick)(tick)(tick)
Blancco Removable Media Eraser(tick)(tick)(tick)
Blancco LUN Eraser / Blancco Drive Eraser for Mac(tick)(tick)(tick)
Blancco Virtual Machine Eraser(tick)(tick)(tick)
Blancco Mobile Solutions(error)(error)(tick)
Enterprise USB Enablement Tool (error)(tick)(tick)
Blancco Label Printer(tick)(tick)(error)
Blancco Xcelerate(error)(tick)(error)
Blancco Secure Data Erasure(error)(tick)(error)
Blancco Mobile Software Development Kit(error)(error)(tick)

Feature Comparison

FeatureBlancco Management Console - On-premiseBlancco CloudBlancco Management PortalDetails
Login Screen: LanguagesEnglish, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, TurkishEnglish, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, TurkishEnglish, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, KoreanIn BMP language can only be changed after login.
Dashboards: Custom Dashboards(tick)(tick)(tick)
Dashboards: ESG and Sustainability(error)(error)(tick)
Dynamic Workflows / Intelligent Business Routing



(tick)Requires active subscription.

Process Management: Live Management



Process Management: Live Monitoring



Reporting: Import Reports (XML)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Reporting: Product Specific Custom Views(tick)(tick)(tick)
Reporting: By Date Filtering(tick)(tick)(tick)
Reporting: Quick Search(tick)(tick)(tick)
Reporting: Custom Columns(tick)(tick)(tick)

Maximum number of selected columns:

  • Management Console on-prem - configurable
  • Blancco Cloud - 16
  • Management Portal - 25
Reporting: Custom Views(tick)(tick)(tick)

Management Portal only supports string based fields for filtering.

Reporting: Clone View(tick)(tick)(tick)
Reporting: Share Custom Views(error)(error)(tick)
Reporting: Export Custom View(tick)(tick)(tick)
Reporting: Import Custom View(error)(error)(tick)
Reporting: Export Reports(tick)(tick)(tick)
Reporting: Create New Report(tick)(tick)(error)
Reporting: Add Barcode/Embed Verification Percentage(tick)(tick)(error)As part of PDF report export.
Reporting: Edit Reports(tick)(tick)(error)
Reporting: View Original / Edited Reports(tick)(tick)(error)
Reporting: Delete Reports(tick)(tick)(tick)
Reporting: Custom Signature Keys for Report Signing(tick)(tick)(error)
Reporting: Custom Logo in Report(tick)(error)(tick)
Reporting: Custom Report Templates(error)(error)(tick)
User Management: Create Sub-groups(tick)(tick)(tick)

In Management Portal user grouping and "sub-groups" work differently compared to Blancco Cloud and Management Console.

It is recommended to familiarize yourself with the new system before setting up groups.

User Management: Invite/Create Users(tick)(tick)(tick)
User Management: Predefined User Roles(tick)(tick)(tick)Predefined roles include Manager, Basic User and Auditor.
User Management: Custom User Roles(tick)(tick)(tick)
User Management: Enable / Disable User(tick)(tick)(tick)
User Management: User Expiration Date(tick)(tick)(tick)
User Management: Share Reports Between Users in the Same Group(tick)(tick)(tick)

User Management: Active Directory / LDAP authentication(tick)(error)(error)
User Management: SSO authentication(tick)(tick)(tick)BMP SSO also supports user provisioning.
Licensing: Available Licenses(tick)(tick)(tick)
Licensing: Individual License Pools(tick)(tick)(tick)
Licensing: License History(tick)(tick)(tick)
Licensing: License Alerts(tick)(tick)(error)
Licensing: EMS Entitlement Creation(error)(tick)(tick)
Support: Product Manuals(tick)(tick)(tick)
Support: Product Downloads(tick)(tick)(tick)
Support: Support Links(tick)(tick)(error)Includes direct links to Blancco Technical Support portal, Knowledgebase and News feed.
Support: Videos(error)(error)(tick)
Integration: Callback URL(tick)(error)(error)
API: Report Export API(tick)(tick)(tick)

Note! Format, content type and endpoint are different.

API: Report Import API(tick)(tick)(error)
API: Time API(tick)(tick)(error)
API: User Management API(tick)(tick)(warning)Management Portal only supports "Create users" endpoint.
API: License API(tick)(tick)(error)
API: Compare API(error)(error)(tick)