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Mobile Diagnostics and ErasureN/A

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How can I take screenshots?

Screenshots are taken with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + P.

When a device is erased multiple times, are all the erasures included in the report or just the latest one?

With software 3.5 or newer, all the erasures can be included in the report if the “Show all erasure attempts in the report” option is turned on. With the older versions, only the latest one is included.

Why do Apple devices need a firmware update and Android devices do not ?

Apple uses Cryptographic Erasure. In this process the firmware is downloaded and restored on the device. Encryption keys are changed and the data on the device is rendered inaccessible. After this, other overwrite methods may be applied.

Android does a traditional overwrite of all storage and a factory reset after it, thus new firmware is not needed.

Why isn't the IMEI code for the device always available?

Some Android devices do not give the complete IMEI when the device is connected. Apple devices won’t give the IMEI if the device is in DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade) mode.

The IMEI will always be available after the erasure process has been completed.

Also note that there are devices that don't have IMEI code (the device does not have a SIM card).

On Android devices:

  • Enabling USB debugging may help.

  • Turning on the "Include all IMEI in report custom fields API >= 23" may help with latest Android devices.

An Android device has started erasing and now says free space running out.

Because Android devices are erased by overwriting the whole storage, it will seem to the device that the free space is filling up. The user should not be alarmed by this.

The device’s battery has over 100% capacity. How is this possible?

The software reports what iOS/Android tells us about the battery.

All manufacturers rate their batteries officially at a certain capacity. The batteries must have that much capacity, but often they have more when new. As an example, this is why a slightly used/new device with official battery capacity of 2000mAh, might report 2100mAh capacity.

Also, you can force charge a battery over its official capacity, which would then give over 100% capacity.

For more information about lithium-based batteries, see the following links:

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