Under this page you can find all the "Getting Started" content, such as Quick Start Guides and instructions for first time deployment and product configuration instructions.

To get started make sure you have activated activated your Blancco Management Portal account following the steps provided on below article:

Activating Your Blancco Management Portal Account

Once the account has been activated follow below steps to get started with Blancco Drive Eraser or Mobile Diagnostics and Erasure software. 

To get started with Blancco Mobile Diagnostics and Erasure

Mobile Diagnostics and Erasure Quick Start Guide

This guide covers how to:

  • Download needed software and tools
  • Create bootable USB drive
  • Install the software and complete the initial Set-up Wizard
  • Configure automatic device preparation features
  • Set basic erasure and diagnostics settings

You can also refer to the additional materials available to help getting started with the Blancco software.

Below pages will provide step by step instructions on how to update Blancco product communication settings in order to have the erasure client products to communicate with Blancco Management Console, Blancco Cloud or Blancco Management Portal.

Configuring Erasure Client Communication Settings

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