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Drive Eraser - all versionsN/A

Sometimes Blancco Drive Eraser might not detect connected hard drives even though the drives are fully functional and detected on the machine BIOS level.

SATA drives:

  • This can happen if the hard drives have been set to IDE/ATA mode in BIOS.
    • SATA drives need to be set in either "AHCI" or "SATA native" mode (or similar) from BIOS/UEFI.

NVMe drives:

  • Some devices require the BIOS/UEFI to be switched from RAID to AHCI mode in order to successfully present the drive to the system.
    • Usually this setting is available through "SATA Operation Mode" or "SATA Controller" (or similar) option in the BIOS.
      • If the device's controller doesn't support AHCI mode, you can remove the drive from the machine and run the erasure by connecting the drive to a supported machine.
    • This issue has been identified at least for the following devices:

      System manufacturerSystem modelDisk model(s)
      DellLatitude 3400BC501 NVMe SK hynix 256GB
      DellLatitude 5400N/A
      DellLatitude 7370THNSN5256GPUK NVMe TOSHIBA 256GB
      DellLatitude 7390 2-in-1KXG50ZNV512G NVMe TOSHIBA 512GB
      PC401 NVMe SK hynix 256GB
      DellPrecision 7720KXG50ZNV512G NVMe TOSHIBA 512GB
      DellPrecision 7740PC400 NVMe SK hynix 512GB
      KXG50PNV1T02 NVMe TOSHIBA 1024GB
      Micron 2200S NVMe 1024GB
      PM981a NVMe SAMSUNG 2048GB
      DellOptiPlex 7050THNSN5256GPUK NVMe TOSHIBA256GB
      DellXPS 13 9365PM961 NVMe SAMSUNG 256GB
      LenovoMiix 720SK hynix HFS256GD9TNG-62A0A
      LenovoYoga 910

      SAMSUNG MZVLB512HBJQ-00007