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Mobile Diagnostics and ErasureN/A


Blancco Mobile Diagnostics and Erasure stores a lot of the required files locally on the host machine and especially when processing a lot of different iOS devices the files may consume most of the disk space from the station.

A lack of free space may lead to erasure process failure and other miscellaneous issues.

If the BMDE host station is running out of disk space follow the steps below to clean-up some of the files.

Step by step instructions

Locally stored files can be managed from two separate locations:

  • "Storage Cleanup" tab available in the "System Settings" (available from the login screen)
  • "iOS" tab under the "Settings" menu (the settings available after logging to the BMDE)
  1. OPTION - Navigating to "System settings" > "Storage Cleanup" allows user to select which iOS firmware files to delete from the station to free up disk space:

  2. OPTION - Cleaning up the storage under "Settings" > "iOS"-tab > "Manage Storage" will delete the extracted iOS files from the system. Additionally "Browse" option can be used to individually delete the extracted files if user doesn't want to clean up all of them.