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If you are having a problem with the Blancco Network Device Eraser, and the most common troubleshooting tips and user manual instructions do not seem to help, it is time to contact Blancco's Technical Support team. When contacting Technical Support, it is important to include the Blancco Network Device Eraser log file(s) in the contact ticket. It is recommended that the log files should be zipped before adding it as an attachment.

Step by step instructions

To Collect Log Files from Blancco Network Device eraser when an issue has happened

  1. Navigate to the folder where Blancco Network Device Eraser zip package is extracted.
  2. Go to the logs folder, which is created by Blancco Network Device eraser when the software is started first time.
  3. Select the latest log file and attach it as an attachment to the support ticket.
    1. New log file is created each time when Blancco Network Device Eraser is started
    2. If not sure what is the latest log file, select all log files from the day.

In addition to collecting the log file(s), there should a description of the technical issue included in the support ticket:

  • What is the exact problem?
  • Was there some specific error message?
  • What steps were taken before the problem occurred?
  • Expected result and actual result.
  • What is the model of target device?  Useful if multiple devices being processed at once.
  • What was the 'Device Status' state when error occurred?