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Blancco Cloud-licenses can be transferred to HASP-key licenses and activated to a HASP dongle. Entitlement management is only available to managers and the managers can see all the entitlements which are active for the current account ID.

Entitlement creation has the following restrictions:

  • HASP-key(s) where licenses are going to be activated needs to be compatible with the new licensing schema.
  • Entitlement management must be activated for the account(s) by Blancco.
  • Licenses must be individual licenses.
  • The licenses will be reduced from the Cloud account when entitlement is created.

Entitlements can be created by navigating to User and licensing -tab and then to Entitlements.

To create an entitlement, click on Create. This brings up the Create new entitlement view:

Select a license from the Add license dropdown-menu. Now select how many licenses you wish to assign, by entering the number of licenses to the “Amount to assign” field. More licenses can be added by using the Add license menu.

When ready, press Create to create an entitlement. A confirmation window will popup. Press Create to confirm the creation of the entitlement and consumption of the Cloud-licenses to create licenses entitled to HASP licenses. NOTE! Consumed licenses cannot be transferred back to Cloud-licenses.

Once the licenses have been consumed and the entitlement has been successfully created, the following window is shown:

Now the created entitlement can be seen on the Entitlements main view. The entitlement item shows the entitlement creation date (Date), the group it was created for (Group), user who created it (User) and the ID of the entitlement (ID).

In order to activate the Entitlement to your HASP-key, follow the instructions provided here: How to activate new license update?

If you have local installation of the Blancco Management Console in use, follow instructions provided here: License activation with Blancco Management Console

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