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How to update Blancco Mobile Diagnostics and Erasure software using BETA Program.

Step by step instructions

To enroll a single BMDE station

This chapter goes through the steps required to update a single BMDE station using the BETA Program.

  1. Go to BMDE login page and open “System Settings” by clicking the gear-icon on the bottom of the user interface.
  2. Go to "Admin Control" and then "Other settings".

  3. Scroll down to the "BETA Program" section.
  4. Type in provided "Beta name".
  5. Click "Opt-In".

  6. "BETA Program" pop-up should appear, click "Yes" to continue.
  7. Wait for the update/installation to complete.
  8. Click on “Restart” to finish the process.

After restarting the machine the software should be updated to the corresponding beta version.

BETA Program version sharing with Synchronization Service

If you are using Synchronization Service for managing the BMDE versions shared across the network and want to share the BETA version to the client stations some additional steps are required. Note that this process will update all the connected BMDE client stations to the selected software version!

If you are not utilizing Synchronization Service to distribute settings and software updates to other connected BMDE client machines these steps are not required.

Prior to following below steps, make sure to enroll the Synchronization Service Server to the BETA Program first (by following the steps mentioned under the "To enroll a single BMDE station" chapter).

  1. Go to BMDE login page and open "System Settings" by clicking the gear-icon on the bottom of the user interface.
  2. Go to "Synchronization Service" and then "BMDE Version Sharing".

  3. Under the "Client Version Configuration" section define the "BMDE version to share" using the dropdown menu.

  4. If needed, you can also schedule automatic updates to be run on certain date/time.
  5. Save the settings by clicking "OK".

Note that all the BMDE "client" PCs will start downloading selected version according to the selected schedule. Once completed it will ask the user to restart the PC in order to finish the update process.