Issue Description: After erasing an iPhone using BMDE, OR, performing a factory reset, the IMEI is missing in the reports.

Causes: The missing IMEI issue is not caused by Blancco software, but likely two scenarios exist.

  1. Faulty Apple logic boards and baseband issues – This is a known Apple issue that can be referenced from this link:
  2. IMEI cloning protections – Apple has the ability to place a phone in a non-service state if they believe it to be necessary. Reasons for this may include IMEI cloning protections in order to prevent the cloning of IMEI’s for stolen or fake devices.  In this example, once the phone checks in with Apple Servers, the IMEI is examined for duplication of an existing IMEI. If duplication exists, the phone will then go to a non-service state requiring consumers to go to an Apple ASP to be remapped with a new IMEI.  Apple 7’s are seeing the highest number of incidents.

Next Steps:  Blancco is investigating if there is anything we can include in the software that can help detect these types of scenarios, and report to the operator.

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