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When running the Blancco Management Console using a Linux operating system, it is needed to install the drivers for the connected HASP-Key manually using the Terminal.

Step by step instructions

  1. Open the Linux Terminal.
  2. If the service of the Blancco Management Console is running, stop it with following command:

    sudo /usr/local/bmc/
  3. Install the HASP-driver found under Blancco Management Console installation folder (default path is [Installationpath]/drivers/hasp/linux/).
  4. Locate the drivers’ .tar file and extract the files (the version number could be different to below example:

    sudo tar -xvf aksusbd-7.81.1.tar
  5. Install the drivers' .deb file:

    sudo dpkg -i aksusbd-7.81.1/pkg/aksusbd_7.81-1_amd64.deb
  6. Give permissions for the extracted folder and files:

    sudo chmod -R 755 aksusbd7.81.1
  7. Go to the extracted folder:

    cd aksusbd-7.81.1
  8. Run the Run-time Environment installer:

    sudo ./dinst
  9. Start Blancco Management Console service:

    sudo /usr/local/bmc/

In case you want to have the HASP-key's Admin Control Center remotely available for managing the license container below additional steps are required.

  1. Navigate to the HASP drivers' installation path

    cd etc/hasplm/
  2. Modify the file hasplm.ini using VI.

    vi hasplm.ini
  3. Change the value for line ACCremote from "0" to 1". In case such line doesn't exist add the whole line as shown below.

    ACCremote = 1
  4. Save and close VI by pressing CTRL+X.
  5. Connect the HASP-Key to the system.