To activate EMS based licenses, you will need to use Activation Portal, it requires 32-bit Java. If you don't have 32-bit Java installed, you have to install it before the license activation. Online activation also requires some additional API files to be functional. If these additional files cannot be installed automatically during the process, the user needs to manually copy and paste the files to 32-bit Java installation folder.

If 32-bit Java don't have the needed dll-files the following pop-up will be shown during the license activation:

API components have not been detected

To continue, click "Yes". If Java is not able to install the needed files automatically, the following pop-up will appear.

Download API components manually

The dll-files need to be downloaded manually to the local computer and then copied to the 32-bit Java installation folder under folder "bin". Download the needed files for example to desktop and then browse to the 32-bit Java installation folder (default path is X:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jrex.x.x_xx\bin). If you have multiple Java versions installed, make sure to choose the correct one. Copy the downloaded files to the bin-folder and clear the browser cache and then restart the browser.