Simplifying access to Blancco products and reports while enhancing security and sustainability.

Blancco Management Portal (BMP) is the central point of interaction with all Blancco solutions. BMP provides quick and simple access to all information on the state of your chosen Blancco products, all while enhancing the security profile of your erasure environment.

Key benefits:

  • The means to view/manage all product-related activity in one place
  • Management of erasure certificates, licenses and reports
  • Fast and highly flexible deployment options
  • No software upgrade responsibility, high scalability and low latency
  • Self-service options for downloading software packages/product manuals, accessing API guides/product videos, and password resets
  • Product FAQ and how-to videos
  • Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) calculator to quickly work out future emissions savings to help with ESG reporting and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ratings, plus access to data on CO2 emissions saved by using Blancco products

Blancco Management Portal - Product page

Blancco Management Portal - Product Overview

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