Getting Started with local HASP

  1. Connect the HASP dongle and bootable Blancco USB stick to the PC. This should be used as the Erasure Appliance for mobile devices. Minimum hardware requirements are covered in the full manual.
  2. Power on the PC, and boot from USB stick by selecting USB stick as the first booting media in the BIOS / UEFI.
  3. Try the demo without installation, or install the software to the hard disk with the helpful Installation Wizard.
  4. If the software is not run in demo mode, create a User and login to the main User Interface.
  5. Connect the prepared mobile devices. As they get identified, they will start appearing as device blobs on the UI. If you see orange “Requires Attention” on the screen, move the mouse there and follow instructions that pop up.
  6. Start the erasure by clicking on the device blob, or to perform a diagnostics test, click “Switch to Diagnostics”. Start this process, then pick up the devices and oversee the diagnostics tests.
  7. Once the device(s) has been processed, save the report by clicking the “Save Reports” button.
  8. Logout and Shutdown. If you used the demo mode, you can now try installing the software. Be sure to read the full manual to understand all of the features available.

For more details and full list of features please refer to the full user manual, available on Support Portal.