Inhance Technology is now part of Blancco Technology Group. To know more about the products, visit our website at

Blancco Technical Support Portal is located at and it is the most efficient way for finding a solution to a technical issue with Blancco products, retrieving product information and contacting the Blancco Technical Support team. 

To submit a new support ticket related to Inhance products click "Report an Incident" button above or email us at 

Contacting Support

To fully utilize Blancco support offerings, create an account and report an incident through the Blancco Support Portal. Using the portal provides you the ability to submit new incidents, track the existing ones and share them with other users of the same organization (as long as they have signed up). Reporting the incident through the Support Portal also provides much more information to Blancco Support team which can help with the

Follow below steps to report an incident:

  1. Click "Report an Incident" button
  2. Log in to Blancco Support Portal
    1. If you don't have a login, you can sign up for an account
  3. To report an incident, click "Technical Support Request"
  4. Fill in the incident details
    1. As a product, select "Mobile Online Solution" and then select appropriate sub-product
  5. After filling in the details, click "Create"

Support ticket is now created and you can see the ticket details by logging in to the Support Portal and navigating to "My Request". Additionally, you will receive an email notification when the Blancco Technical Support team responds to you.

For more detailed information refer to Support Portal Quick-start Guide.

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