If you are currently attempting to erase a 3PAR 8xxxx series with Blancco Enterprise Array 2U, please note:

  • A direct connection over Fibre Channel will not work in this model
  • A 6Gbps SAS HBA may not work in some case - please make sure to use 12Gbps SAS HBA
  • The connection will need to be established directly, utilizing the SAS HBA via a MiniSAS HD cable.
  • Attach a MiniSAS Cable to the MiniSAS HD Port labeled DP1 (either Node0 or Node 1)
  • The MiniSAS HD Port Labeled DP2 is for daisy chaining to the next enclosure
  • Processor Enclosure (DPE/PE) cannot be daisy chained - only direct connect 1:1

Disk Enclosure (DAE/DE)can be daisy chained up to 4 enclosures per MiniSAS HD HBA port on the 2U