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To activate the new Blancco Erasure Software licenses you will receive an email, which contains the product key(s) for the activation. The email also includes steps how to activate your product key(s). You can choose online or offline activation. Online activation requires an Internet connection and a HASP-key needs to be connected to the machine where activation will be done. Offline activation doesn't require internet connection, but you will need to generate a request file (C2V-file) and upload it to the License Activation Portal. After uploading the file, you will receive a response file (V2C-file) which can be activated to the HASP-key without internet connection.

This guide is for Offline activation, for Online activation see the article "Online EMS license activation to a HASP key". For activating license through your local Blancco Management Console (3.6.1 or newer) see the article "Offline EMS license activation with Blancco Management Console".

Note! For offline activation you will need:

With RUS Tool

  • Windows Operating System
  • RUS_MOXZM Windows tool
  • Sentinel HASP/LDK Run Time.

Without RUS Tool

  • Sentinel HASP/LDK Run Time version 7.90 or newer. 

  1. Enable "Generate C2V File for HASP key" in Sentinel Admin Control Center, http://localhost:1947 page. This step has to be done only once, if it's already enabled, continue step 2.
    1. Navigate to "Configuration" page

    2. Locate "Generate C2V File for HASP key" option and enable it.

  2. Navigate to "Sentinel Keys page and press C2V button under "Actions" for generating C2V file.

  3. Upload the C2V-file to the "Generate License" window and click "generate"

  4. Download the V2C-file

  5. Go to Sentinel Admin Control Center "Update/Attach page and Apply downloaded V2C file.

1. Access the License Activation Portal (the link is in the email)

2. Log in by using your unique product key found in the email
3. Choose "Offline activation"

4. From the "Generate License" window, download the RUS tool (Remote Update System)

5. Run the RUS tool to generate a C2V-file
    a. Make sure that the HASP-key where you want to activate the licenses is connected to the machine where RUS tool is running.
    b. If the RUS tool is used, choose "Collect Status Information" and then "Collect Information"
    c. Save the file

6. Upload the C2V-file to the "Generate License" window and click "generate"

7. Download the V2C-file

NOTE: If using Google Chrome and you are not able to download the generated V2C file, please re-try the download using FireFox”

8. Activate the V2C-file with the RUS tool
    a. Choose "Apply License File"-tab
    b. Click "..." to choose the V2C-file
    c. After choosing the correct file, click "Apply Update"