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Blancco Cloud (

There is a rate limit in place on the Blancco Cloud ( in regards to API requests, see the specific details below:

  • Rate limit is only applied for the report export API
  • Rate limit is per user
  • Burst size is 20 requests
  • Average long-term rate limit is 1 request per second (report export request per user)

Rate limit implementation is token based and by default every user has 20 tokens. Each separate request against the report export API consumes one token. Every user gets 5 tokens every 5 seconds (up to max 20 tokens).

If your API requests receive the following HTTP response status code:

429 - Too Many Requests 

This confirms that the user has sent too many requests in the given time and the requests are being rate limited. In this instance check your export process based on the information above to ensure you do not exceeding the rate limit.

If this information does not help raise a ticket with the Blancco Technical Support Team.