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The most common basic Blancco LUN Eraser related issues are:

  1. The user is not an administrator and the LUN erasure command is not run as an administrator:
    • The solution is designed for shredding whole drives. It will first remove any partitions and file systems on the drive to free up the whole write-able area. After that it will overwrite the whole write-able area on the drive sector by sector according to the selected erasure standard. In Windows you need to have administrator rights to be able to write directly to a device. Hence, you need to start the solution as administrator.
  2. .NET is not installed on Windows:
    • .NET 2.0 or later required to be able to use full reporting functionality.
  3. Blancco LUN Eraser installer prompts a user to reboot the system, but the user does not do this:
    • Reboot the system if the software ask to do so.