1. When an online license for Blancco File Eraser or Blancco Removable Media Eraser is activated, the software will try to establish communication with the following address, using communication port 80 (HTTP) : http://www.safeit.com/updates/default.asp.
    1. If there are problems with the activation, check that the firewall or proxy settings are not blocking the communication between the client computer and the license server.
    2. If the activation is taking longer than 30 seconds, it is very likely that something is blocking the access. If the access is blocked, contact your company's IT department.

  2. When activating the product license it is extremely important to fill the license information exactly as it is in the delivery email.
    1. If the activation information, such as the person's name, is not included in the delivery email, then the field can be left empty or any data can be entered to the field. The company name and the activation code are always the mandatory parts to fill.
    2. When copying and pasting the activation information, make sure that no extra spaces are left at the beginning or end of the fields.