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When erasing Apple computers with a limited sub-set of NVMe drives you will see that there are two licenses consumed for the erasure of one drive.


Some Apple machines present their NVMe drive as two distinct namespaces, one with the full NVMe capacity, another with a tiny capacity of ~8KB. Therefore Blancco Drive Eraser sees two drives, if both are selected for erasure (which happens with the Semi-automatic or Automatic processes), both will be erased and two licenses will be consumed.


To only consume a single license you will need to select the NVMe drive with the normal multi-GB capacity only. Leave the 0 GB or 8 KB unselected. There is no user data or personally identifiable information contained on the smaller capacity drive/namespace.

If you process these machines using an IBR Workflow, it is possible to create a workflow condition to exclude the tiny drive from the erasure. In this case, only one erasure license will be consumed