This Quick Start Guide helps you to get started with Blancco software and provide the guidance on how to create bootable Blancco USB-sticks.

In order to run Blancco Drive Eraser or Blancco Mobile Diagnostics and Erasure you will need to prepare a bootable USB-stick using the corresponding ISO image. The software can be booted up by booting the device/host machine from the USB-stick created with Blancco USB Creator.

The latest version of Blancco USB Creator can be found from here: Download: Blancco USB Creator

In order to create a bootable USB, run the software and follow below steps:

  1. Press the “Add” key and select the image file.
  2. Make sure the image files are the correct ones. Click the name under the “Menu entry” to change it.
  3. Select the bootable media.
  4. Press “Create” to create a bootable media.

Note. If the "Format" option is selected, the USB will be formatted and existing data on the USB will be removed!

For more details, please refer to the full user manual which can be found here.