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Highlighted Features:

  • PHEN-9166 - Set Apple Silicons (M1, M2, M3...) automatically into DFU Mode.

    • The target devices can be switched to DFU mode using a USB-C cable.

    • It is recommended to have an Apple Silicon BEAD station.

  • PHEN-11909 - Ability to reserve ITAD licenses during the BEAD process.

    • BEAD requires one license to be reserved during the process. ITAD licenses can now to be used for this (no need to have Mobile licenses).

  • PHEN-11394 - Re-running the Asset Only workflow did not update the extended hardware details in the report.

  • PHEN-11593 - Apple Care Check (Prolog).
  • PHEN-11902 - Apple device trust pairing improvements - Extend the timeout.
  • PHEN-11311 - Another font size increase for mainly sheet view.
  • PHEN-11580 - Compact Card (New UI View) - Phase 2.

General Notes and Known Issues:

  • If only Macs are being processed in BEAD, there's no longer the need to have Mobile licenses. Workflows can be run with ITAD (BDE) licenses.

  • License re-use is only supported on Mobile licenses, not ITAD licenses.
  • When Auto DFU mode is enabled erasure for M3/M3 Pro erase most often succeeds only if the M3/M3 Pro is erased using the DFU cable.

  • Sometimes after Auto DFU switch for Mac is done with DFU cable, there's a need to reconnect the cable to get the Mac correctly detected by BEAD and for the erasure to start.

  • Clearing History and re-running Mac diagnostics workflow after closing the BEAD agent app sometimes might need reconnection of the target device to host to get diagnostics tests working again.

  • Unless BEAD Agent (diagnostics app for Macs) is not run in full screen mode application view resizing might be needed (at least 13" macs) to view buttons to submit the results or re-run tests.

  • For the manual Factory Reset to finish successfully with the Mac computers, it is advised that the target device is connected to the internet during erase.

Bug Fixes:

  • PHEN-12165 - Not enough license to start diagnostics error after updating to 5.3.
  • PHEN-12067 - BEAD 5.2.1 can erase M3 Macbook but wrong information.
  • PHEN-11865, PHEN-11851 -  Cannot input IP address.
  • PHEN-12137 - BEAD Issues with Certain Devices.
  • PHEN-12275 - Diagnostics Agent - Occasional crashes.
  • WD-385 - BEAD Agent: Battery Discharge test does not run.
  • WD-397 - BEAD: Webcam test - failure to get permissions leaves a ghost ui element.
  • WD-398 - BEAD Agent: Attaching external HDMI display caused crash.
  • WD-447 - BEAD: Wi-Fi - wifi interfaces not correctly gathered.
  • WD-448 - BEAD: Trackpad Test Cannot Change Focus.
  • WD-449 - BEAD: Prevent Sleep during Battery Discharge.
  • WD-450 - BEAD: Battery Discharge - Countdown Inaccuracy.