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  • Management Console Environment: Blancco Management Console 3.6.1 or newer (BMC 4.1.0 or newer required for NVMe (high end) Erasure).
  • Standalone HASP environment; Blancco Drive Eraser / Blancco 5 version 5.9.0 or newer). Note: after migration any older version is not supported anymore by using local HASP key.
  • Physical access to all HASP keys in your organization. All HASP keys should be migrated to new licensing at once
  • Make sure Sentinel LDK License Manager service is running and you can see HASPs properly in http://localhost:1947
  • Notification for Blancco LUN and Blancco Flash users:
    • If you're using LUN or Flash with local HASP key, migration should not be done. These products do not support local HASP key with LDK licensing at the moment.
    • If you're using LUN or Flash with licensing on BMC / Cloud licensing, migration can be done as instructed.

HASP Migration

  1. Download Contact Blancco Technical Support and request HASP migration tool from the link below: proceed with HASP-key migration.
  2. Ensure outbound http (port: 8081) connection is not blocked and migration tool is executed with admin privileges (Right-Click - Run As Admin)
  3. Attach HASP key to the computer
  4. Click "Migrate" and wait until migration tool informs migration to be completed.
  5. Repeat process to each HASP key