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LUN Eraser for UNIX 2.2 - Release notes

  • Implemented Faster NIST verification.

    • Faster erasure with NIST (up to 45% faster).

  • Unified Erasure Algorithm with Blancco Drive Eraser.

    • Adds consistency across Blancco products and in Blancco Management Console.

  • All.xml will be generated in target report path.

    • All.xml was always generated in the current directory.

  • Erasure Speed limit not always correct.

  • Success message printed too many times with -simplegui.

  • Replaced the term “log” with “report”.

  • Progress bar not accurate with verification set to lower than 100%.

  • Erasure speed is printed as "-nan" in case of non-existing target.

  • Timezone was not consistently printed in all report sections.