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Comment: Removed the support for Apple Watch


BMDE on LinuxBMDE on MacOS
Maximum number of concurrent devicesUp to 100~15 (hardware dependant)
iOS Activation/UI SetupQuite a few manual click are neededOnly "Agree terms" (and skip WiFi for some models) screen needs to be manually clicked
iOS Activation/UI Setup speedAbout 2 minutesInstant

Locally connected HASP-key

SupportedNot Supported
SyncServer supportCan be Server/Client/DisabledCan be Client/Disabled
Firmware maintenanceAutomatedObsolete firmware needs to be cleared by user from /Library/ApplicationSupport/Blancco/BlanccoMobile/IOS/
Supported device familiesiOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerryiOS
Erasure standards132 (iOS factory reset & iOS erasure)
Apple Watch supportYesNot in first version
Hardware requirementsRuns on low-end PCNeeds high-end hardware to run multiple firmware upgrades parallel (ie. Mac Pro)
LoginBMDE created usersBMDE creates users BUT the MacOS login needs to be done with the SAME user that installed BMDE