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Comment: Icy Dock adapter confirmed to be capable of fetching sn

This article lists different M.2 (NGFF) memory types/drives and their corresponding connectors.

Additionally you can find a list of compatible M.2 to SATA adapters which are able to handle loose M.2 SATA/NVMe drives when running the erasure using the Blancco Drive Eraser.

Different M.2 (NGFF) Memory:

Different Connectors:

"M2 Edge Connector Keying.svg" by NikNaks is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Compatible adapters:

VendorDescription Article Nr.: Allows reading serial number of the drive*

4 x M.2 SATA Mounting Adapter for 3.5in Drive Bay

 35S24M2NGFF Yes

Delock 3.5″ Konverter SATA 22 Pin

 62704 Yes
Addonics2.5" M2/mSATA Flash Drive AD25M2MSA Yes
Addonics2.5" U.2 M2 PCIe/NVMe SSD drive AD25M2U.2 Yes
Addonics2.5" M2 (NGFF) Flash Drive AD25M2SSD Yes
ICY DOCKM.2 NVMe SSD into the 2.5” U.2 NVMeMB705M2P-BYes

*The correct serial number of the M.2 drive can fetched through the mounting adapter when using Blancco Drive Eraser and the serial number will be shown in the Blancco asset/erasure report.