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Management Console 5.2 - Release notes

  • MC-5806 - Azure Authentication Support in Integrations.
    • Allows configuring external integration calls to include Azure authentication information.
    • Supports communication between BMC and AMS in Azure.
  • MC-5871 - SAML/SSO.
    • User authentication process is delegated to identity provider and allows managing users/groups centrally.
  • MC-6031 - Support for case-insensitive user login.
  • MC-5986 - Use AD sync with different UPN.
    • User authentication with AD is not anymore restricted by domain and username to UPN.
    • Customer’s can now configure Root DN freely and users' email addresses are treated as UPNs.
  • MC-6043 - Introduced two new license IDs for Blancco Mobile Diagnostics and Erasure.
    • BMDE will add two new licenses for new features:
      • FMIP Check
      • Carrier ID