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Blancco highly recommends saving and storing all the erasure reports, as they are a legal evidence of the performed erasures. Blancco erasure reports can be either stored locally on a USB storage device (and later on, copied from the storage device to a safe location), or depending on the used Blancco Erasure Software, the reports can also be sent to a Management Console / Blancco Cloud database. Sending a report to a Management Console / Cloud has its benefits. The reports can be easily viewed, searched, sorted and exported.

If the Blancco Erasure Software you are using is capable of sending erasure reports to a management console / Cloud database, there should be a "Send" button available. Blancco Drive Eraser: If this button is gray and does not respond to clicking, the communication settings have not been configured correctly in the Settings window or there is no management console / Cloud connection (Internet connection) available.

Report saving option is always available, and should be used if sending report is not possible.