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Blancco Mobile Device Image Configuration Tool is compatible with the following web browsers:

  • Firefox (versions 20+) 
  • Internet Explorer (versions 9+) 
  • Chrome (versions 25+)

Using older versions of these browsers (or other browsers) can sometimes cause issues when saving the erasure software configuration. For example with Internet Explorer 7 "Update" button might not appear at all when saving Management Console connectivity settings causing a user to save an image without networking information.

If a supported web browser version is in use, but there are still configuration saving related issues, it is recommended to clear the browser cache.

  • Press the buttons Ctrl+Shift+Del. Depending on your browser, a "Clear/delete browsing data/history" window will appear. Make sure that the "Cache"/"Temporary files" is selected and press the "Clear"/"Delete" button.
  • Restart the BDEICT service from Services and also restart the web browser.

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