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  • If the Java settings are in order, make sure that the BDEICT service is still running. Go to: Start Menu -> Run -> services. From the Services (Local) list, locate Blancco 5 Configuration Tool service and make sure that "Status" is "Started".
  • If the BDEICT service is running correctly, start your web browser and clear its cache:
    • Press the buttons Ctrl+Shift+Del. Depending on your browser, a "Clear/delete browsing data/history" window will appear. Make sure that the "Cache"/"Temporary files" is selected and press the "Clear"/"Delete" button.
    • Restart the BDEICT service from Services and also restart the web browser.
  • If the BDEICT web page still does not load, do the following:
    • Stop the BDEICT service.
    • Go to: Start Menu -> Run a search for: RUNNING_PID
    • If RUNNING_PID file is found, first make a backup of it and then delete the original file.
    • Start the BDEICT service.
  • If none of the tips above helped, uninstall the BDEICT software, delete the installation folder manually and reboot the system. After this, re-install the software and make sure that you are using the latest version.