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  1. Download the Blancco Drive Eraser Image Configuration Tool software.
  2. Unzip Run the package and run the JAR file. Make sure that Java JRE has been installed.
  3. Download Blancco Drive Eraser ISO image(s).
  4. Start the Blancco Drive Image Configuration Tool service (Start Blancco Drive Eraser Configuration Tool shortcut on the Windows desktop).
  5. After the service has started, launch the Configuration Tool (Use "Open Blancco Drive Eraser Configuration Tool" shortcut on the Windows desktop or navigate to http://localhost:9000 with your internet browser).
    1. If you re-installed the BDEICT software (i.e. you have had existing BDEICT installation on the computer, make sure that you clear the web browser cache before using the new installation).
  6. Click "Choose Filedownloaded executable and follow on screen instructions to continue with the installation of the Configuration Tool.
  7. Start the Configuration Tool using the created desktop shortcut (or by clicking the dect.exe executable available under the installation directory).
  8. Click "Load" and select the ISO image file you want to configure.
  9. Change the configuration settings and save the image by clicking "Save as".
  10. Read the user manual for more details.
  11. Watch the instructional video for BDEICT.